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Helpful Attic Finishing Tips from Experienced Builders

Helpful Attic Finishing Tips from Experienced Builders

Helpful Attic Finishing Tips from Experienced Builders

There are many reasons why you may want to finish building your attic. Apart from just offering additional living space, completing the construction of the attic could also significantly boost the overall value of the home. And, the investment usually comes with lots of returns on investment. Nevertheless, the following are some helpful tips on how to finish up your attic. 

Observe the Rule of 7s 

Generally, the building codes vary from one state to another. But, there is one golden rule that applies to all, which you should always keep in mind when planning to finish your attic. The rule of 7s requires that you have at least 7 feet of clearance between the walls. In basic terms, finishing the attic into an additional living space requires at least 70 square feet. Besides, it is still important that you carefully consider what you intend to do with the attic to create a desirable space. 

Add Proper Lighting 

Without proper lighting, the attic can become a significant safety hazard in your home. Proper lighting will not only illuminate the spaces but, also inspire a sense of warmth and style therein. When finishing up the attic, you should maximize the use of natural light by creating properly sealed windows. If the attic does not have any exterior windows, you should consider installing hidden pot lights or more efficient lamps. 

Consider Rerouting the Access Points 

On most occasions, attics have limited access with just a stairway leading downstairs. If you are looking to remodel the unused space in your attic, rerouting the access should be a key consideration. Creating an alternative access point would be quite convenient in case you are thinking of renting the space. 

Other areas that you should also keenly focus on when finishing your attic include the floors and roof quality.  With a good plan and the help of a professional builder, you will be able to easily create the right attic in your home. 

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